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The computers on a network may be linked through cables, telephone lines, radio waves, satellites, or infrared light beams. 3. Different Types of.

This PPT based on Computer Networking. This is useful to you for present "What is Networking and what is it info???". Computer network A collection of computing devices that are connected in various A computer that stores and manages files for multiple users on a network. Computer Networks Two or more computers or communications devices Presentation on theme: "INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER NETWORKS"—.

A network of computers that are in the same physical location, such as home or A standard on how computers communicate over a shared media (cable). 29 Jan - 8 min - Uploaded by Shaun Anderson Basics of Computer Networking PPT. Shaun Anderson. Loading Unsubscribe right now. 2 Nov - 5 min - Uploaded by Mayank Panchal MayankHD For more presentation log on to MayankHDLabs.

A file; A folder; A printer; A disk drive; Or just about anything else that exists on a computer. Definitions (cont..) A network is simply a collection of computers or.

A network consists of 2 or more computers connected together, and they can coaxial cables, fiber-optic cables) and Wireless; Based on network size: LAN and . Network Basics. 9A Network Definition. Set of technologies that connects computers; Allows communication and collaboration between users. 9A The Uses. Network Diagram – Basic Layout and map of a traditional computer network. Network Types – Computer networks vary in shape and size depending on usage.

COMPUTER NETWORKS Lecture Mail Server, Proxy Server & Firewall Setup on Linux: 2 Hour; Lab 8: Demo and Practice of Mail Server, Proxy Server .

An Engineering Approach to Computer Networking / Keshav. Computer Networks / Tanenbaum Telephone circuit switching: Based on the phone number.

Describe the core issues related to computer networks; List various types of The speed with which data is moved from one place to another on a network.

1. Computer Networking. Yang Xianchun. Department of Computer Science. Nanjing University Major in Computer Architecture and. graduated from Nanjing.

The speed with which data is moved from one place to another on a network. 5. Networking. Computer networks have opened up an entire frontier in the world of . The network becomes a powerful tool when computers communicate and share resources with other computers on the same network or entirely distinct. A computer network, often simply referred to as a network, is a collection of computers Although this topology places a huge overhead on the central hub, with.

A communication network is a collection of devices connected by some have a single communication line shared by all computers on the network; packets. PowerPoint slide on Computer Networking compiled by Rohit Kumar. Computer Networking Models. Models, also If you ever take a test on networking, you'll have to now this, otherwise, use the simplified model. 6. Protocol.

This webpage contains various slides of Computer Neworks. In the s users with stand-alone computers started to share files using means that each host sends its data to all other hosts on the network medium. Computer network - an interconnection of computers and computing One of the most common ways to interconnect a user on a LAN workstation to the Internet.

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